Our Worldview

263850-live-and-let-others-live-pngWe don’t have one…at least nothing that’s profound or earthshaking that we want to get on a soapbox about.  Live and Let Live, would best express it, and, ultimately: Do No Harm.  However we do think that the world could use more comic relief and we do our best to provide some of it on a regular basis. If you look up; way up, above the mundane, from that viewpoint many of life’s frustrating paradoxes, political hobby horses, government edicts,  frivolous activism, media-driven fads, trends & groupthink and other societal excesses seem addled, petty, selfish, small-minded and downright foolish. Sharing a laugh or two about the things we have little control over brings people closer together and makes the days a little brighter.

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