Report: Scientists Find That Australian Megabat Flying-foxes Are Main Cause of Climate Change

Australian Bats-Climate Cng-FNT-Small.pngQUEENSLAND – A remarkable new climate change study by a group of scientists who were originally studying chaos theory has concluded that the Australian Flying-fox, a megabat that is sometimes seen as a ‘menace to society’ in its native habitat, is largely responsible for causing the huge variations in climatic conditions that have been happening around the world.

“I know that flies in the face (pun not intended) of the prevailing wisdom about climate change,” explained Rodney Overclause, Ph.D, who headed up the controversial research project involving the megabats. “But if you understand chaos theory, and look at it from that perspective, it’s the only logical explanation.”

A simplified description of chaos theory uses an example of the “butterfly effect”, basically that tiny changes introduced into a dynamic system will ultimately cause huge changes to happen down the road. An example might be: a butterfly flapping its wings in Japan can introduce enough change in a weather system to cause a wind-driven tsunami on the coast of California.

The study and report have raised the hackles of climate scientists around the world, with it being called in various quarters such names as: “egregious psudeoscience”, “climate heresy” and “pure poppycock”. The chaos theory scientists however are quick to defend the results of their research.

“I mean, just put two and two together,” said Doctor Ian Roganski, another of the researchers on the team’s controversial megabat climate change project. “If you consider what damage a butterfly can do, think about this. Flying-foxes are the largest bats in Australia. They weigh a couple of pounds each and have three-foot wingspans, for Pete’s sake. And they nest in great big colonies.”

His colleague jumped in to further add to the debate that, at the time of publication, is still raging.

“So can you imagine the effect of a couple of thousand of those big suckers taking off all at once?” Overclause asked. “Why, it just boggles the mind!”  Source: FNT Staff

Photo credit: Original images at: Australian Museum , Scientific American

Virtual Reality App Created for Middle East Peace Process Went Viral On First Day of Release

Middle East Peace-FNT-Small.pngJERUSALEM – People around the world who have been waiting patiently for the last sixty-five years, while the Middle East Peace Process (MEPP) that doesn’t really exist has ground on, and on, and on, will be pleased to know that there is now an app for that. The Virtual Reality version of the MEPP app went viral on Thursday, the first day of its release.

According to its brainchild, P. Alex Schwimner, whose fledgling software company Aspirations Inc. created VRMEPP, the app was designed specifically to appeal to anyone who has been waiting for more than twenty-five years, hoping to see peace in the Middle East, and help tone down their frustration level.

“We thought it would be a niche market and figured, maybe we’d sell a few thousand copies,” he said. “One of our coders wrote it on the back of a napkin. Who knew?”

Schwimner said that he realized that, for most people looking on, the so-called peace process was just a deluded illusion anyway, so he thought: why not make it a little bit more pleasant to look at?

The virtual reality screen gives the viewer a choice of a number of peaceful illusions including an intimate picnic by a babbling brook, a quiet garden scene with flowers, bees and hummingbirds sharing the sunlight, and a tranquil, overhead panoramic vista of a landscape without bombs, fighting and other violence, viewed from a hot air balloon observing another hot air balloon hanging silently in a clear blue sky.

“I know when we’re talking Middle East, those scenes not very realistic,” admitted Schwimner, but it seems to be what some people want, anyway.” Source: FNT Staff

Photo credit: Original images at: CNN , The Guardian , Google Play