Canada to Regulate Internet- Coming Soon: Speed Limits, Traffic Lights and Tolls

Canada-Internet-FNT-Small.pngOTTAWA – The Canadian government is drafting legislation to regulate the Internet for reasons of public safety. The private member’s bill calls for a maximum speed limit, traffic lights at key intersections and, ultimately, tolls for access to specific sites.

The pending federal legislation comes in response to a concern expressed by a constituent in Southern Ontario that cited the Internet’s “dangerously increasing speeds.” News about the new rules that are being put in place for Internet surfers in Canada has been spreading rapidly on social media and is meeting with mixed reaction.

“Unite against more nanny-state in your face!” was the response posted on the Facebook page of a group called: Unfettered Internet. Within hours of the posting, the page had more than a million signatures of support. Not everyone agrees with these sentiments however.

“It’s going to be inconvenient for some, but safety comes first and we have to protect people from themselves,” said Ashley Mickelsburn who heads up an organization called Canadians For Accident-free Living. “These new measures regulating the Internet will ensure against someone putting an eye out, or worse.”

Mickelsburn said that he was optimistic that the controversial legislation would pass if his organization got behind it. “We were,” he said, “very successful in lobbying for the federal law that requires Canadian pigeon owners to diaper their birds.”

A spokesperson for the federal government who spoke to FauxNews today on condition of anonymity because he feared repercussions also felt that, in spite of some opposition, getting the new Internet legislation passed would be a “slam dunk.”

“This is Canada,” he said. “We regulate everything. It’s in the blood.” Source: FNT Staff

Photo credit: Original images by: Indicative Solutions Inc., Pakistan Today, Zazzle