Canadian Designer Uranium Rated # 1 in the World by Consumer Research Group

Uranium Ore-FNT-Small.pngLONDON, UK – Canada caught a major break today amid the murky dealings of the international uranium sales and service industry. Canadian-branded designer uranium has been given a #1 consumer rating by an international consumer research group.

Uranium industry spokesperson, Alden Pepperdine, explained why this positive endorsement has suddenly resulted in brisk worldwide sales for the unique new Canadian-branded product, when interest in standard garden variety uranium has been flagging for the last three decades.

“Canadian uranium is trending on social media today as pure authenticity,” said Pepperdine. “And in this business authenticity is everything.”

Pepperdine said that because of its genuine designer branding, Canada’s atomic number 92 yellowcake now fetches as much as eleven times the normal futures price in the world marketplace.

“The number one rating shows that the Canadian brand is clearly a cut above the rest,” he said. “So it’s no surprise that it fetches a premium, darlings.”

He also believes that, in the long run, the current buzz around today’s news will ultimately help Canadian uranium to shed the unsavoury taint of Russian association that it had acquired. “Russia, bad!” said Pepperdine. “And Canada, good.”

“And, I mean uranium’s gotten a bad rap over the years, with its million year half-life and the toxic waste thing,” he said. “So this top consumer rating for the unique Canadian brand will go a long way toward changing that negative perspective.”

Pepperdine also said that he expects even greater things for Canadian uranium after it struts its stuff for the top prize at the annual world uranium spectacular in Los Alamos, New Mexico next month.

Canada’s unique designer uranium will be featured there, along with regular uranium from a number of other countries, including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the United States. Pepperdine speculated that Canada’s “free-spirited, “without limits” uranium, will “win in a walk.”

“In the uranium business, it’s all about the wow factor,” he said. Source: FNT Staff



Photo credit: Original images by: Earth Times, Wikipedia , Uranium One  and Preb’s Retreading