Hydro Ottawa Adds Delivery Charge on Electric Bills to Deliver Delivery Charge

Hydro Ottawa-FNT-Small.pngOTTAWA – Hydro Ottawa has found yet another method to extract fees for energy from their captive customer base that has nowhere else to turn for electrical power. Effective on 01 January, all commercial and residential clientele will see an additional charge added to their electric bills.

In addition to an energy charge, a regulatory charge, a debt retirement charge and a delivery charge (which is by far the largest of the charges) the utility will now add an additional delivery charge to the bill.

The rationalization for the additional charge, which Hydro Ottawa has stated is “completely consistent” with its other fees for service, is that the new delivery charge is being levied for delivering the existing delivery charge.

A spokesperson for the utility told FauxNews Today that customers of the utility should be “delighted to learn that the extra delivery charge will account for, indeed will be limited to, no more than 18 percent of the overall bill.”

Hydro Ottawa also explained on its website that the brand new delivery charge is a necessary fee because a greater number of customers are now using electricity in the city and that will mean that there will be a greater number of delivery charges on their bills so it will naturally cost extra to deliver these delivery charges.

According to the spokesperson: “And as everything is itemized out on their electric bill, customers can see exactly what they are getting for their energy dollar.”

“We don’t want to make it complicated,” he said. “At the end of the day it’s really very simple. We just need more money.” Source: FNT Staff


Photo credit: Original images by: Ottawa Sun, : Hydro Ottawa, Flickr

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