Latest Scientific Study Shows Correlation Between Full Moon and Full Yoga Classes

Full Moon-Yoga-FNT-Small.pngTORONTO – Four Post-doctoral researchers in the faculty of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of Toronto have just published a scientific paper that links the influence of a full moon to yoga class attendance. Its bottom line: a full moon equals a full-to-overflowing yoga class. The paper has raised eyebrows in astronomy circles around the world and is not without its detractors.

“What bunkum!”, said Carl Poindexter, Ph.D. a professor of astronomy at the University of Chicago. “It’s right up there with UFOlogogy.” Doctor Poindexter is the author of what has been said to be the definitive study on how a full moon affects milk production volume on dairy farms. He said the U of T study was “badly flawed” because the researchers didn’t take the effects of a supermoon into consideration.

Alfred N. Carnegie, who headed up the U of T research, suggested that “professional jealousy” might be behind the criticism, and said that he stands behind his team’s results “one-hundred-and-five percent.” “It’s typical academic back-biting,” he said of Professor Poindexter’s comments. “He can’t stand to think that we may have crossed a frontier in moon science before he got there.”

Reached for a rebuttal, Doctor Poindexter was succinct. “Until they can produce a litmus test, they can all smooch my nalga,” he said, and hung up the phone.

But science skeptics notwithstanding, the U of T research on the full moon effect has gained a popular following.

Rhonda Miklewaite is a yoga instructor and the proprietor of Yoga and You, a studio in the West Edmonton Mall. She waved a copy of the Toronto team’s research results in the air as she told FauxNews Today that she is not surprised at how their study turned out because she has to turn people away at the studio door on days when there is a full moon.

“Nobody can tell me that correlation is not causation,” she said. “I’ve known it all along, but now I’ve got the proof right here.” Source: FNT Staff

Photo credit: Original images at: Port Macquarie News , Groupon

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