Winnipeg Man Sells Rare Pothole Collection On eBay For Record $1.9 Million

Potholes-FNT-smallWINNIPEG – A local man’s diligent twenty-five year collecting hobby paid off today when he sold his large pothole collection on eBay for a record $1.9 million US dollars.

Jonathan Zurbytski, 46, from Fort Rouge, told FauxNews Today that the “bidding caught on fire” during the last five minutes of the auction for the extensive collection of more than eight-thousand potholes, and that the record-setting selling price was “completely unexpected”.

He said that he believed that one of the reasons that the price “went through the roof” for his collection was that they were mainly Winnipeg potholes. The few exceptions were three that he had once picked up on a trip through Regina and five or six from a street near the exit of a Tim Hortons in Moncton, New Brunswick. He got those, he explained, when he was visiting his sister, in January of 1998.

“But all the rest were from here at home,” he said, proudly. “And history has shown that potholes are not only more profuse here in Winnipeg, but they are vastly superior to what you might find anywhere else in the world.”

In spite of the financial windfall, the Winnipeg native said he had “mixed feelings” about boxing up his collection of twenty-five years and sending it off in the mail. “It feels like selling off a body part,” he said.

Still, he couldn’t help but gloat over the profit that he made.

“Most I ever paid for one was fifteen bucks for a unique, star-shaped beauty that I found way out on Henderson Highway, and then I thought I was getting ripped off. But who knew how they’d appreciate? Just goes to show…”

Zurbytski let drop that the winning bid for the collection had come from a pothole museum in Phoenix, Arizona.

“They don’t get near as many out there in the desert so this collection was an extremely rare find. That’s why they paid top dollar.” Source: FNT Staff  

Photo credit: Original images at: Access Winnipeg, Mark Griffith and eBay

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