Notable Newfoundland Town Rumoured To Be On Shortlist For Amazon HQ2

Tilt Cove NFLD-FNT-small.pngST. JOHN’S – A newsworthy town from rural Newfoundland has made the headlines yet again today. Tilt Cove, a quiet historical settlement on the province’s picturesque Baie Verte Peninsula, is rumoured to now be on the shortlist to become home to Amazon North, the location of the Seattle company’s new second headquarters.

With the deadline for applications now passed, the Canadian locations that tendered bids for Amazon’s coveted HQ2, are now talking about their chances to become a municipal partner with the world’s largest online merchandise seller.

A spokesperson who heads up a group called: Invest Tilt Cove, gave an account of the town’s prospects in the race, and speculated as to why it hadn’t shown up on the original list of Canadian bidders. He agreed to speak off the record because of what he said would be “a plethora of nuisance phone calls” if his name went public.

“Well, we would have liked to have had headquarters number one here, but obviously Seattle got there first,” he said from a Tilt Cove phone booth, “so we’ll have to settle for coming in second. But, it’ll be good for the town.”

He explained that any details of an Amazon bid would naturally have to be kept secret but said that if one looked hard for information that “it was probably out there.”

He also let slip that, in the early excitement, an Invest Tilt Cove YouTube video had been leaked to the public, which revealed that the town had promised to put in another street light to coax the tech giant to Newfoundland.

As for the speculation about where Tilt Cove stood on the short list, the spokesperson disclaimed any responsibility.

“Who knows where all the buzz started? I blame the Internet,” he said. “But if two or more people agree about a rumour, it must be true, right?”   Source: FNT Staff  

Photo credit: Original images at: Huffington Post/ Lily Collins/Facebook, CBC News, and, USA Today, Elaine Thompson, AP,

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