Tesla’s New Spark-a-matic Electric Wheelbarrow to launch in Spring of 2018

Wheelbarrow-FNT-Small.pngPALO ALTO, CA – Fast on the heels of the electric semitractor-trailer and lightning-fast electric Roadster, Tesla Inc. will be launching an innovative new wheelbarrow into the marketplace in the spring of 2018. The company has said that its patented, all-electric Spark-a-matic barrow ‘will revolutionize lawn and garden practices worldwide.’

Tesla Inc. now the second largest US automaker by market value, has been making electric vehicles for more than ten years. The leading-edge Spark-a-matic, with its sleek Gucci knock-off coach design, is just the latest of the company’s surprise inroads into wheeled transportation.

The move fits with Tesla’s stated goals of leading sustainable transportation as neatly as that last piece of a jigsaw puzzle that the cat knocked off the table and you had given up for lost. According to yet another new study by the UN that was cobbled together from random government statistics, conventional wheelbarrows account for nearly ten percent of wasted human energy and contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions.

The unveiling of the prototype Spark-a-matic caused a stir of excitement as bikini-clad models (Twitter warriors please take a pill –this is the auto industry, remember?) passed around specification sheets that listed features like: magnesium-alloy wheel, run-flat tire, oversize disc brake and long-life battery.

The Spark-a-matic will be available in one or two wheel versions and will retail for less than $25,000 (USD). The specifications claim that it will be able to travel from three to five miles on a single charge. Tesla insiders also said that once the futuristic wheelbarrow was in production, other additionally-priced options would likely include a side-mounted solar charging panel, a removable glass top for gardening in the rain and self-wheeling technology. Source: FNT Staff  

Photo credit: Original images at: Amazon/Seymour , Tesla

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