Nostradamus Estate Files Lawsuit Against Global Scientists for Copyright Infringement

Earth-NASA-FNT-small.pngPROVENCE – The estate of the French seer Nostradamus, has filed a copyright-infringement lawsuit against a global group of scientists that predicted the end of the world with a ‘warning to humanity’.  The lawsuit comes on the heels of the group being accused by its own community of making ‘overheated claims’ and ‘scaremongering’, and adds potential financial injury to the insult of being dissed by its own peers.

The statement of claim filed by the Nostradamus estate charges that the scientists’ ‘warning to humanity’ was plagiarized directly from a 16th century quatrain by the great man himself, where his prophecies alluded to all manners of disasters yet to come that accurately foreshadowed the end of the world.

The lawsuit is a severe setback for the growth industry centred on the world’s climate, which skeptics point out is fueled in great part by phantasmagorical speculation based on scientific theory that cannot be proven or disproven by empirical methods.

“There goes my next year’s funding,” complained one scientist who said he was uncomfortable giving out his name. He said he was working on a new climate change model for earth that was predicated largely on human activity, but also factored in x-rays that emanated periodically from the planet Jupiter.

“No one’s brought in the Jupiter thing before,” he said. “So that should get me to the front of the funding queue. But, ever tried to get money for a project when you’ve got litigation pending? It’s a non-starter.”

The claim by the seer’s estate also put the kibosh on a start-up company that was selling ‘scientific séances’ with the ‘authentic ghost of Nostradamus’. A researcher could purchase a full half-hour persono-a-persono discussion with the ghost of the great man, while in a hypnotic trance. The service, which cost $1200.00, included the hypnosis, which could be done online. It was marketed via social media and was available to any accredited scientist with a Facebook account. There was a 10% discount for anyone who signed up for Amazon Prime.   Source: FNT Staff  

Photo credit: Original images at: CBC, NASA, Wikipedia, Digital Dealer,

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