After Review of Global Events For The Past Twelve Months, 2017 Officially Declared Groundhog Year

Groundhog Year-2017-FNT-SmallEVERYWHERE – Examining and rating the events of the past year in an oblivious miasma of nostalgic hope is commonplace around the end of December. After parsing a satellite-eye’s view of how things have played out around the globe for the past eleven months, perceptive reviewers the world over have collaborated and now have officially declared 2017 as Groundhog Year.

Although “I Got You Babe” seems to have been relegated to the playlists of the distant past, people around the world woke up every morning in 2017 and continued to go about their business of pettiness, perfidy, viciousness, gratuitous violence, war and general inhumanity to other humans; as they did last year, and the year before that and the many decades and centuries before that.

Groundhog Year has been ratified in the daily-recorded observations that those human depravities noted above continue on daily, unabated.

There can be no escaping Groundhog Year’s loop while— instead of learning and gaining the wisdom to change behaviour from history and accumulated scientific knowledge— the world’s leaders continue to practice self-interest and prosecute wars and its innovators concentrate on inventing waterproof toasters. Source: FNT Staff

Photo credit: Original images at: Park Theatre


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