Ikea Monkey Inducted Into Mensa In 2017, After Only Three Tries

Ikea Monkey-FNT-Small.pngOSHAWA, Ont – After only three tries, Darwin the Ikea monkey was inducted into Mensa on the last day of 2017. Mensa, the society for people who score at the 98th percentile or higher on an approved intelligence test, was founded in Oxford, England in 1946. Darwin is the first Japanese macaque to join the elite organization.

As a non-political being, completely free from racial and religious distinctions, Darwin easily met the basic criteria for membership. His escape from a locked crate in a car in a Toronto Ikea parking lot demonstrated that he was a fellow with above average intelligence. Getting his scores up into the Mensa stratosphere was slightly more challenging, but he proved himself worthy with two other astute moves that won high praise from his test supervisors.

The first was getting out of the madness of Toronto and settling down in a free, all expenses-paid sanctuary outside the city. The second was allowing himself to be weaned off human contact, an arrangement that showed he wasn’t willing to be held back by a species that has shown itself clearly to be of inferior intelligence in that it won’t stop making war on its own members. Source: FNT Staff  

Photo credit: Original images at: The Canadian Press / Postmedia News , CTV News, , Mensa ,

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