Amazon Prime Offers Free Trip To Kepler-13Ab As Membership Sign-up Bonus

Kepler Exoplanet-FNT-Small.pngCHIGAGO– has scored another world-first with an offer of a free trip to the gas giant exoplanet Kepler-13Ab as a limited, one-time bonus for signing up for its premium paid subscription service, Amazon Prime. And in spite of the fact that the logistics haven’t yet been worked out for the unprecedented offer, the marketplace has responded with unbridled enthusiasm.

“What an incredible deal!” said Carmine Rathmore, a software developer who was lined up with his credit card at an Amazon pop-up store in Chicago behind dozens of other customers who were waiting their turn to take advantage of the free travel offer. “I already have a Prime membership, but I’m buying another one using a fake name because you’d be stupid to pass this up.”

Another customer in the lineup who said his name was “Leon from Toronto” called the limited-time offer a “customer windfall”. He said that he was in Chicago on vacation but this particular Amazon freebie was so spectacular that he couldn’t wait to get back home to take advantage of it.

Promotional literature about Kepler-13Ab that was available in a rack by the door noted that the huge gas sphere is more than 1,700 light-years distant, has temperatures as high as 2,700 degrees Celcius and gravity eight times greater than Earth.

“Hey, I’m all about the new experience,” said Rathmore, waving his Visa card in the air impatiently. “And if Amazon is behind it, what could possibly go wrong?”

Leon from Toronto allowed that he’d heard that the giant exoplanet was a great place to get a sun tan and that he was looking forward to the free trip.

“I like the idea that it’s nice and warm,” he said. “I don’t think I’m up to another Ontario winter.” Source: FNT Staff

Photo credit: Original images at: CBC News/NASA and

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