Quebec Lawmakers Finally Run Out of New Ideas for Laws to Pass and Things to Ban

Quebec-Ideas-Ban-FNT-small.pngQUEBEC CITY – After passing a law banning baseball (Bill 62-B) and having to fight a lie detector test in court to defend Bill 62, the Assemblée nationale du Québec has finally run out of new ideas for laws to pass and things to ban. One lawmaker that a reporter from FauxNews Today spoke with, seemed dazed and confused about the current state of affairs in the Assemblée nationale.

“On nous a tous dit de rentrer tôt à la maison, et de penser très fort.”, he said. Roughly translated this means: “They told us all to go home early, and put our thinking caps on.”

This does not come as a surprise to some. The Assemblée nationale has seen an almost non-stop flurry of legislative activity over the past few months. Lawmakers have attempted to pass legislation that would put a stop to almost every possible human activity that people might engage in, and especially those that they might enjoy.

First, there was Bill 62, which bans children from wearing Halloween masks on buses as well as people from wearing scarves and balaclavas in January on ski slopes funded by the provincial government. This law has been challenged in the courts.

Subsequently people are now being told that they cannot be courteous to others anymore, for fear of having someone from government in one’s face.

A Zamboni driver at Montreal’s Bell Centre who spoke off the record thought long and hard for a moment before he would comment on the sudden dearth of ideas in the Assemblée nationale. Finally he said: “Ça ne me surprend pas, ils ont brûlé leur petit cerveau.” [“…It does not surprise me. They have all worn out their tiny little brains.”]   Source: FNT Staff  

Photo credit: Original images at: Madelaine Mautford , Gartner Blog Network

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