NASA Launches Deep Fat Fryer Into Space to Save Planet From Global Warming

Earth-Space-FNT-SmallHOUSTON – Following the publication of a scientific paper that claimed that molecules from deep fat frying  may have a cooling effect on the climate, NASA immediately launched a deep fat fryer into space. The unit is fully operational and uses a solar panel to generate enough power to deep fry chicken and French fries.  It will orbit the Earth continuously with the intent to put a stop to global warming and climate change.

“Hey, according to what we see on television almost every day the oceans will boil over in a few years,” said Dexter Paragucci, NASA’s chief donut maker. “So I said, what the heck! I can sacrifice my trusty Hamilton Beach for a good cause.”

The deep fryer from the NASA cafeteria was modified with a lightweight basket and an extra-deep fat reservoir so it wouldn’t have to be refilled as often. A cadre of fast food fans stood by and cheered loudly as the three-stage booster rocket lifted off with the deep fryer unit fastened to the nose cone with duct tape.

“We were in a hurry,” Paragucci explained, regarding the use of duct tape. “But not to worry, it’s been tested on a lot of other flights as well.”

NASA launch control team members were extremely pleased with the mission although they were a bit peeved when they found that hush puppies and cider donuts had suddenly been taken off the menu in the cafeteria until further notice.

“This is a gigantic leap forward for food service research and climate science,” said Paragucci. “Who knew that fatty acids could save the world?” Source: FNT Staff  

Photo credit: Created from images at: Amazon/Hamilton Beach : HD Wallpaper

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